Saturday, May 30, 2015

The yearly benefit of being infertile!

There is a yearly benefit to being infertile. All you fertile people really miss out. See, the infertility clinic takes all its clients to some where fun every year. Last year was the Aquarium but we were a little too emotional and didn't go. This year was the Museum of Curiosity!! That place is awesome and even more so when it's FREE! And they have the most delicious cookies that never stop coming. You can eat all you want. Go back as many times as you want. Put some in your purse for later. Try every kind. I mean, if you are going to celebrate being infertile, the least one can do is eat their body weight in melt-in-your-mouth cookies!! Really though, we had a great night. Even though I didn't win the free IUI session.
We went down to Heather and Jason's new house for dinner (the best host and hostess ever) to get the party started. Then we headed to the museum. Our men folk, Brian and Jason, set off on adventures with the kids while Heather and I visited and took pictures from below.

The only other time we've been here, I tried to take Gideon on the ropes course. He kept begging to be done and go back. But with Daddy, they completed the entire course and found this cool airplane at the end.
We all jumped right into this sand stuff. I totally learned about this in school. I remember very well, but not well enough to explain to you what the different colored lights mean.

I didn't go inside here...not enough room. But it was suppose to be similar to a hurricane or something? With wind and water in the air. Wow! I sure am making myself look smart in this post.

We tried out the tornado room several times. Those high, crazy winds sure make it hard to breathe. There is so much air around you but it sucks out your own air when you breathe. I'm grateful this was my only experience, ever, with a "hurricane."

We've been here once before but didn't see everything. This time we found the outside section and all the incredibly fun things to do. Gideon just couldn't decide at first.

And he was not a fan of sharing or waiting for a turn. This only child thing and being three can be tough sometimes.

This is how he looked when he was told to wait. I'm excited for the day he realizes grouchy faces and fits don't make me change my mind. Perhaps when he's 30??

Once he gets what he wants, he's as happy as can be. While the next kid in line cries because he has to wait!! Hahaha!!!!

A random little girl invited Gideon to go on the tetter-totter with her. He was so excited!

There is a zip line there. Gideon was so brave and went on it. I think Brian was more worried than Gideon ever was.

The line was long but he waited, with only one attempt to jump the line, for a second turn. Doesn't he do great?

It was fun to go with cousins, who are also clients. We chatted up about all sorts of life topics and had the best time. We shared each others cookies and watched each others children during the cookie runs. We loved that our husband's mostly ran kid duty while we laughed and visited and laughed some more. Best therapy ever!

Back inside, we found out how to make Gideon's head float. This kid ran like a crazy man all over the place. Everything was so exciting. He never stayed anywhere for very long. Just zigzagged from place to place. And he loved every minute of it!

We attempted a family picture. Someone was a little too loopy from tiredness to cooperate. But I sure look good!! :)

We attempted to put him in jail, but he kept using the escape hallway. It's only made for little people to fit through. He loved that we couldn't follow him in! I'm thinking a year pass to this place would make the perfect gift for him and I. We could go back a million times and never get bored. We haven't even seen everything yet. There are mazes and tunnels outside we didn't explore yet. It was a great night!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My exercise coach

I've been exercising at home after I get back from the gym in the mornings lately. I've got to do some major things to make this PCOS body lose weight. Gideon enjoys being my "coach." Basically he watches the instructor on tv vs. me and tells me what I'm doing wrong. "That's not how the guy is doing it, mom." "Go faster, mom. You are too slow." "You can't take a drink. The people on the tv aren't taking a drink." Sometimes, it's really hard to exercise because I'm laughing from his comments.
Then I offer him the Ipad and we both get back to our task at hand. It's much easier to exercise when I'm not laughing so much. At least I have a good buddy helping me along!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Why are some things so hard?

Some parts of parenting are so silly, but crazy hard. Like getting rid of shoes FULL of memories because they have been outgrown. And pretty much overused! Both shoes have holes, exposed toes, missing rubber, etc. but we kept on using them until Gideon's feet got too big. And really, the major wear on them just happened when the weather got warmer. There is no reason to keep them, and they are not in shape to pass on to someone else. So I had to throw them away. For some stupid reason I just couldn't do it. It just reminded me I'll never be here again. His feet will never be this small again. All the adventures we've had in them are just memories now. I won't have another child who could wear these shoes, if they were still useable. Ugh...why are such silly things so hard sometimes?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fun Times!

Stacey's kid came over for awhile today! They came at the perfect time to feed the ducks. They couldn't believe how close they would get to them. And how much they quack at us. Of course we pulled bread right out and fed those birdies. It's our favorite part of spring at our house!

Gideon decided that his transformer, Optimus Prime, needed to go swinging. He even needed to be buckled in. Hope he enjoyed his ride! Notice all the horrible weeds in the yard!! I'm just so happy it's not filled to the brim with burrs anymore. Let's just hope for no more crazy emergencies so we can save the money to finally get a wonderful backyard next year!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Table Manners??

Emily and Brandon came into town. It's just tradition now that we go somewhere to eat every time they come. (There little guy has doctor visits at Primary's Hospital.) Gideon and Kraden didn't want to sit still at all tonight. So they opted for the table top.

Sometimes you just need to focus on the battles you are winning. Such as, they both ate food while on the table top. They played and were entertained and totally entertained the adults. They were not running around the restaurant. Table manners can be saved for another day.

Emily and Brandon headed to their hotel for the night. We headed home to grab swimming suits and join them. Right as we left Brandon called to say the reservation they had was for yesterday. So they crashed at our tiny place. The boys enjoyed more time together!

Preschool Program

Gideon's first preschool program!! He had a large class for being so little. But there were also 3 teachers. He hasn't ever been too happy being dropped off, but he sure is excited every time I pick him up. I don't know why coming to this program made me so excited! But I could hardly wait!

He was so nervous. Who wouldn't be with all these adults taking pictures and videos and staring you down? He told me he didn't know the words. I told him it didn't matter, just do your best. I think he just didn't know what to expect.

The rest you just need to watch and enjoy. Grandma Gwynn came with Brian and I. Between the three of us, there are a million pictures and videos. I condensed it down a billion...just so you know. But enjoy all the cute songs!

Somehow I don't have a video of this song. Gideon hardly sang for any of the songs. But when it came to this whistling part, he gave it his all. He LOVES to whistle. He was obsessed until he learned how. I'd even hear him in the middle of the night practicing. Two weeks later, he was a whistling pro.

Hip-hip-horray for Gideon!! He got a certificate and a report card. Funny thing is, for some reason they had him listed as Gideon Berg. I corrected them several times but obviously they never permanently changed it. His certificate and report were both for Gideon Berg!! LOL!

Miss Alex
Miss Jacque

Miss Jan. I know this is my only kid, my first experience with preschool programs, etc. but wow, was the program ever cute!! Like melt your momma heart, adorable.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hide and Seek

Gideon LOVES to play hide n seek!! He could play it all day, every day if we had the time. This was one Sunday right after church. My favorite is his wiggly feet in the back of the stroller!

This video shows how he plays. We say, ready or not, and he yells, "I'm right here!" and then giggles endlessly until we "find" him! This age is hilarious!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stealing Daddy's Dr. Pepper

Brian didn't finish his Dr Pepper yesterday and stored it in the fridge. Gideon found it today, took it out, opened it by himself, and chugged away. I heard him being too quiet, yes, it's possible to hear silence as a mother, and found him like this. Who taught him how to twist open bottles? Somedays it really is impossible to keep up with this kid.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Shopping with Batman

Today I got to take Batman shopping! He's a fun grocery store date. But he never pays. And he likes to randomly throw things in the cart.

And I'm not sure why I always end up grocery shopping during lunch time. At least Batman is happy with a lunchable, while I struggle with my immense impulse buying because I'm hungry. It's always an adventure in our family.

Monday, May 4, 2015

All Clean Selfie

Today was an interesting day. It started with an ambulance next door early in the morning. No one returned home by noon and they are neighbors that we love. I had this feeling I couldn't ignore. So I contacted the son to see if he knew what happened. Turns out he didn't but he was able to find out. His mom passed away just as he called his dad. Sad, sad day. Since I knew details I got lots of calls. Never been involved in a gossip circle before. Didn't like it one bit and pulled myself out rather quickly.

Then I got a call that one of my young women ran away. She was headed to a dangerous situation. I was calling girls to see if they knew anything because the grandpa didn't have contact info for them and I wasn't willing to give him the girl's numbers. Talked with the police about it. Visited with the grandparents she lives with. Lots of emotions and worry.

It was a busy, all over the place, lots of tears sort of day. Then, right as I got Gideon in the bathtub, both the Relief Society president and the Bishop came over. At the same time. Ketty offered to help with Gideon while I visited with the Bishop about my young woman situation. She let Gideon take this cute photo! Then we visited about how to help the neighbor's family. Then Gideon and I went to bed. I'm hoping that tomorrow has a lot less emotions in it!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lego Bird

Gideon has been working hard on making things with his legos. We build things with him and show him how to do it. Today, he made his very first lego bird. He was so proud of himself. He wanted some pictures and to tell me all about it. I'm excited to see what else he builds in the future!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Mom Day!

Today was a horrible mom day. Gideon was a wrecking ball. All he did was destroy one thing after the other,he wouldn't listen, and was so defiant. I have to admit, at one point I sat down and cried for a small moment. This is the living room at the end of his rant. Note the pajamas. He will be going to be early tonight.

This is the view down the stairs. One long pile of mess.

I don't think he played with anything today. He just dumped stuff out, kicked it around, and carried it to other places of the house that just weren't dirty enough.

In the toy room, he dumped out every single bin, pulled the cushions off the chair and made sure most everything was off the shelves.

He finally stopped pulling out bins when the floor space ran out.

And to top it off, he crawled up onto the stroller and pulled this shelf OFF the WALL. Screws and all. Scatter bills, mail, coupons, sunglasses, and more all over the kitchen floor. And what was I doing while all this happened? Dishes, with the radio up loud. I'm telling you, doing dishes is a curse. Gideon always conquers the house during that time. Every time.