Friday, July 31, 2015

Canada: Day 2

HOME!! This is the house I grew up in. The angle is different and it's missing the car port and garage...but it's still home!

Uncle Greg and the Street's were already there. The Ehlert's joined later in the day. It was a constant party around here!

We headed out for a walk. It's tradition for Grandpa to take the Grandkids for 7-11 slurpees.

Here we are enjoying our slurpees!! They taste so much better than the ones in the U.S. Delicious!

This is the town's post office. We love that it says Coaldale on it!

The house is no longer big enough for all of us to eat inside. So welcome to the dining room part two!

Even though there are lots of rooms and space in the house, we all seem to collect in one room. All squishy and happy.
There is lots of help when it's dinner time! Meet Lexy, our newest family member. She is engaged to Wendy's oldest son, Ben. I love her! She fits right in, like we already had a place in our family waiting for her.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Canada: Day 1

Gideon and I headed out for Canada today!! We had to have photographic evidence. Please note I am parked at a rest area. Not driving.

I bought Gideon this awesome tray that goes over his car seat. He played legos for HOURS back there.

We left earlyish in the morning. We made good time but someone needed to stop all the time to go potty. But he didn't really need to go. We had a picnic for lunch. This silly kid begged for a lunchable but only ate the meat and cheese. He did drink the entire can of V8...his most favorite drink!

We stopped at a park and walked around at any rest area we stopped at. He never wanted candy at any of the gas stations. It was good for me because then I didn't get any. We got to my parent's house about 10pm and found everyone waiting up for us!! Talk about love! It was an uneventful trip. Other than I kept wanting to stop and stay at a sounded fun. But I pushed on and we made it no problem. Even though the lady at the border crossing was convinced I had a gun in my car!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sad day...

Today is a sad day for us. It's the day Mary. Andrew, McKade, and Quincy move away. Heartbreaking! Mary asked us to come sign for their pack rat to get picked up. I made the mistake of parking in the driveway so we were stuck there for a long time. So many memories at this place.

Gideon enjoyed playing in the backyard while we waited. He just wanted to know where the toys were. I tried not to cry. It's hard loosing a best friend.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Gideon's dream

Gideon had a dream last night. His run on sentences, vivid imagination, and cute voice...a video moment for sure. Enjoy!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

24th of July

As per tradition, we joined the Fowler's at Crystal's moms house for 24th of July fireworks. Gideon got to pick out some fireworks this year. Here is Daddy setting off his race car. It raced down the road pretty quick but not very far.

I tried to get Gideon to wait until it was dark but didn't succeed. Colorful sparklers aren't as cool in the light. Good thing there were lots so we could share. The colored sparklers seem to last a lot longer than regular sparklers. I need to remember that for next year!

Gideon and this cute girl were best buddies tonight! They played and played and played.

Back at home, the next day, we set off one more firework. Gideon really wanted one where an army guy shot out of it. I didn't want to spend all the money for one with multiple army guys, so we set it off at home and enjoyed the one army guy that came out of it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Meet the Mormons!

Tonight we took our young women to see Meet the Mormons downtown. If you haven't seen the movie yet, whether you are a Mormon or not, I highly recommend watching it. It's a feel good movie showing how typical us Mormons are. The girls seemed to really like it. Laughing, crying, etc. It was all there. At the end, one of the girls who only started coming about two months ago, loudly proclaimed, "Wow! That was way better than I thought it was going to be!"

We walked around temple square afterwards. It a must to go see the Christus!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I did it!!

This has been sitting in Gideon's room since the day Brian and I set it up shortly before Gideon was born. He moved to a toddler bed months ago. Probably more than a year ago. He's ready to move to a twin bed now. I kept imagining setting up his room with this still in it. I worried that if Brian took it down, it would get wrecked. I headed down to Provo so cousin Heather could help me hack the IKEA bed frame we had for him. As we were talking she told me I could take the crib down. I realized I never gave myself permission to do that.

So the next morning, I got right to work. Gideon was a great helper! He loved using the drill and collecting all the screws and more for me. We had it down in no time.

I cried a little and held in some more so Gideon wouldn't see me sad. It wasn't because he was growing up and didn't need the crib anymore. It was because I always imagined more than one baby would use it. Infertility has a strange way of creeping in when you least expect it.

Grandma Gwynn came over to check it out. Gideon assumed she came over to read him stories.

Here is the bed all finished!! I love it! I found the material we wrapped around the bed frame at Joann Fabrics. It is actually a 4th of July material, but it's full of stars and looks just like a superhero fabric! I bought the comforter forever ago when it was on a killer clearance deal because it was the perfect colors. Currently, Gideon loves superheros but I could never find a batman quilt I liked. And what if he decided he didn't like batman anymore. Instead, the sheets are batman and spiderman and can be changed if he decides he likes something else. Now to put up the decorations!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

First Primary Talk!!

Even though it was inwardly difficult for me to let Gideon leave nursery and join Sunbeams, I was really excited he would be giving Primary talks!! I know, I'm weird. Well I waited and waited and waited. Every single time he got an assignment, it was always prayer and scripture. Every time. There are only three other kids in the class. And they have an assignment monthly. I was expecting something different. Finally, he gave a talk half way through the year!! I made Brian record it. Enjoy!!

I'm so proud of my talk giving boy!! He did perfect, even though he loves to eat the microphone!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Food Truck Friday

We decided to go try out the Food Truck Friday over at Peterson's Farm tonight! It's our favorite farm with a big area that fills with food trucks. All sorts of yumminess. We enjoyed pizza, fancy sandwiches, spicy noodles, and frozen custard.

Gideon's favorite part was playing in the corn. It was pitch black outside, the food trucks were all leaving, and Gideon was still playing away while Daddy talked to someone he knew. Gideon was in there so long, I'm sure it's going to be a few days until I find all the corn pieces we are unknowingly taking home with us!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


For some reason, I was prepared for Gideon to be destructive and into everything as a small child. Not at his current age where he is much more able to get into things, figure more things out, and taller. Today he was trying to rock on the rocking chair, just like this, but down the stairs!! So thankful I caught him first.

He is also refusing to get in his car seat. If I don't hold onto him, he will instantly crawl into the back of the car just like this. He is so proud of himself!

He has also learned to turn the water on the garden. I think my garden actually got over watered this year!

He says he turns it on to get a drink. Even bringing a water bottle outside for him didn't solve the problem. But watching him drink like this is hilarious!! His head goes forward and backward with the moving water and he hardly gets any water in his mouth despite all his efforts.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Today we were visiting with Grandma Gwynn. She said she needed a hug and did Gideon ever deliver! We are so blessed to have such amazing neighbors that consider us family!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Box Troll

Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Pete, and Aunt Gail came to visit today. This guy was excited to have friends over!

My mom goes through at least two of these boxes every night due to her peritoneal dialysis. They make the BEST Box Trolls! Grandpa cut eye holes and arm holes for Gideon. He LOVED it!

Later that night, Daddy joined the boxes together and made a super deluxe Box Troll.

It was hard to walk around in, so Gideon mostly hung out inside it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa Sandberg visit

Grandma and Grandpa Sandberg are in town visiting! There was lots of card playing games.

And more card playing games!

We went to visit Uncle Wally. Not the best picture but right as we were leaving, I realized I REALLY wanted a picture of him. He is the last living sibling of his family. He is technically my Great Uncle, my Grandfather's younger brother. My mom brought some family photos to see if he could tell her all the people in the photos. I asked him to tell me all about his siblings. Precious. I loved every second. I can't wait until I can meet them all!

Then, back at Stacey's, we had some  tickle games with Grandpa.I think it's safe to say, it was loved by all!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Temple Marathon

Today we took a group of our youth on a Temple Marathon! We started at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple early in the morning! We had 11 youth along for the day.

Ethan, Torin, Ryan, Megan with Brooklyn, Ben, a cousin, Will, Chandler, Kate, and Emily.

Next we drove all the way down to the brand new Payson Temple. This is the girls I had in my car. We happily attempted a selfie.

It seems that everyone else had the same idea to bring their youth to the Payson Temple. I loved sitting in there and waiting. I could literally feel the excitement of the people in heaven whose baptism was about to be performed!

Then we headed to Mount Timpanogos temple. We "lost" three of our boys at this point because their driver couldn't find their keys. We were almost to this Temple before we knew. By then the keys had been found. We put our names in and waited for our time. We went in not too long before the boys showed up.

It was a long day with lots of driving and sitting, but a beautiful day filled with memories and packed with the spirit.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July

The 4th of July started with us only having to wake up to our alarm clock named Gideon. I felt like Brian was sleeping REALLY close to me. When I turned to see, I found this instead. Phanta happily sleeping right in between us.

We decided that going to a family movie on July 4th is going to be our tradition. Gideon is excited for a new Minion movie to come out. This picture totally cracks me up!

This display was really close to our theatre. Gideon had to have a picture. When he was little, he would carry his blankies everywhere and loved to play the piano. We showed him Linus and told him that's who he was!

We went to see Inside Out and LOVED it!!

Stacey and Brett had a wedding that evening so our cousin's came to play. We had our tiny pool set up and they all jumped right in. Somehow they could even fit all of them in there!

Then when Stacey and Brett got there, we got the fireworks going. At first, we had them WAY too close to us. Like pieces of the fireworks were headed straight for us. I got up and ran at one point, a huge, burning piece landed on the chair, right where I had been sitting. We readjusted everything at that point.

The kids loved dumping water on the fireworks once they were done. Safety people. Safety.

See how much further back we moved. We were much safer. Kale wasn't so sure about the fireworks. He had his mom cover his ears, while he covered his eyes. He would watch out of tiny finger gaps!

And here's the men. Keeping a safe distance from the crazy fireworks. Happy 4th of July!! We loved celebrating with our cousins!