Saturday, August 29, 2015

Costume Store

We, by which I mean ME, love the Halloween store. We like to go the first day it opens. Gideon picked out several costumes he would like. This was his favorite, the gold Power Ranger. However, it didn't come in his size. He picked the silver Power Ranger instead.

We tried the costume on at home and it was GIGANTIC on him. Ugh...the store doesn't do refunds or exchanges. Gideon did enjoy the 10 minutes he wore it for though. Then we wanted it off because he kept tripping over it. The video is pretty cute, you need to check it out. While I start working on plan b for a costume.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Daddy to the RESCUE!

Today we met our friends, Jill and Max, from swim lessons at our favorite park. I brought two bikes and between those, the playground, and the splash pad, the boys really had a ton of fun! They played together perfectly. And I enjoyed getting to know Jill better. We just kept talking and the boys kept playing so it was hard to finally say time to go. But Jill's baby needed a nap. It was hot so I turned the car on with full blast air conditioning while I packed up the car. I actually do this often. I closed the trunk and went to put Gideon in his car seat. The door was locked. I went to the driver's door, assuming I just didn't unlock all the doors. It was also locked. We were locked out!!! I called the non emergency number but the dispatcher told me they don't have kits to open cars and would just break a window. I tried calling Brian 500 times but he was busy at work. I called Donna to see if Riley had any tools to help. Nope. I tried Brian 200 more times. He was finally able to answer and I told him the situation and asked who I could call to unlock the car. He said he would be right there. I guess his body shop gets cars dropped off all the time that are locked and they use this handy kit! It took him about three minutes to get the car unlocked and we were on our way home!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Like Father, Like Son

This is how I find these two all the time. Playing on electronics. The funny part is, they are often playing the same game!! I miss life without electronics. This past Christmas we got an Ipad so we could face time my parents. Now, it's been taken over by Gideon. He has always loved summer and would spend hours outside. This year, I have to make him go outside and after 5 minutes he is whining to go back in. Makes me sad. Yes, I obviously use electronics too, but I think it's time to put time limits...on all of us.

Friday, August 21, 2015


We visited Cousin Holly not too long ago and she had a bunch of cards and envelopes for Adele to make mail with. Gideon LOVED it and Holly sent him home with his own set. He has been busy make all sorts of mail by writing on the cards, putting tons of tape on the envelopes, and having me write names. Tonight we took mail to each of the Nesters. He was jumping around in the car he was so excited. He jumped out of the car before I completely stopped it and was running up the porch as fast as he could. When Emily opened the door he giggled and jumped while giving her the mail. Cutest. Thing. Ever! We've mailed some letters to people too. He really wants to get his own mail in the mailbox. So if anyone is interested in sending him some mail...he would love, love. love it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Playing in the pond

Since our current back yard is awful, we brought the "pond" to the front yard to play. Gideon could actually run around bare footed and loved it! I took a million pictures trying to get the perfect shot of him splashing water at me. Instead, it shows the progression of two splashes of water. Which I thought was pretty cool. So enjoy all the pictures where the only thing different is Gideon's body positions!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday news and cat litter woes

Yes, I really did take a picture during Sacrament meeting. Well, it was before anything officially started so that's okay, right?? But I had to. See Donna (Grandma Gwynn) in the blue shirt. For the SECOND Sunday in a row, Riley (Grandpa Gwynn), in the yellow shirt, has been coming to church!! He hasn't been since he was a teenager. When we first met Riley, he said he was Atheist. Donna hadn't attended church in years. Over the nine years we have known them, Riley would always discuss Church concepts with me. One day he said he was Agnostic. Then Donna decided to go back to church about a year ago. We have loved sitting with her and Gideon loves that he gets spoiled by her even at church! And now they are both here, together. I was teary eyed the whole meeting. The Gospel is wonderful!!!

Brian has litter box duty but today he didn't realize the bag had a hole in it...until it was too late. It was all over the carpet downstairs, up the stairs, and all the way across the kitchen floor. Big mess!! Brian sure loved cleaning up that disgusting mess!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Stansbury Park Days

We headed out to Stansbury Park today for lots of fun. Gideon fell asleep on the way there so Brian went to set up our spot with the Fowler's and I stayed in the car reading. I'm currently learning all about eating Paleo and enjoyed the extra time. As soon as I'm done the book, make a meal plan, and grocery shop...we are going Paleo in our house. I'm really hoping it heals our guts...literally.

We took a potty break and found this playground. We had to try it out!

Gideon was the camera man for awhile. He was sad these glow sticks wouldn't glow in the picture. It seriously took about 50 of them trying to get it to work. I tried to help...he didn't want it!

Here's a picture of Daddy.

And Momma!

Some of us getting ready for the fireworks to start. We take over this entire little hill! Kate and Wyatt even grilled some chicken and had dinner right here! Smart!

Gideon, being his silly self. I love how entertaining glow sticks are. Entertain this kid for hours!!

Family selfie! We love Stansbury Days!! Thanks, Tim and Crystal, for always inviting us!

Friday, August 14, 2015

More cousin time!

Today Stacey and I loaded up our kids and headed to the zoo!! Today the big male tiger was out. He's my favorite. I wish he didn't want to eat me, then we could be friends.

He was lazily licking his paws when we called his name. He looked right up and I got this picture. Cool!!

Love this picture. Gideon's squint from the sun makes him have the perfect face for running from a dinosaur. And he's just so cute!

Bad picture...however if you look really hard in the water, near the back, you'll see the bear swimming in the water. It's a large brown blob. This bear was quite active today.

He came right up to the window like he wanted the kids to pet him. It was awesome!! Then he laid down and went right to sleep in the corner.

And then Amy and family came!! They wanted to do some Utah things on their trip home, so they dropped by to say hello. As you can see, they loved being together again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back in Utah

Back in Utah this morning, Gideon had some major snuggle time with Phanta. He really missed the cats while we were gone. Phanta sort of willingly participated in being loved. Mokie wouldn't have anything to do with him.

And Gideon was excited to be reunited with all his toys. He got right to work on puzzles and kept saying, "Mom, look! All my toys are back!" And then the vacation hangover began. Me, not wanting to be back in reality  (laundry, make meals, unpack everything, etc.) and Gideon angry and mad at everything. Coming home from vacation is not my favorite.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Canada: Day 12

I would like to take a small moment and point out that this is my 1000th blog post!! Go me! Today started with Grandpa snuggles. Gideon realized we were leaving and he wasn't a fan.

I was in no rush and let them snuggle away!

We hit 7-11 on the way out of town. Last slurpee call and some Canadian travel treats! I learned to never get a slurpee that size again...I couldn't finish that deliciousness. And I discovered that Cadbury sells those amazingly delicious mini eggs ALL year round!!

We hit Tim Hortons for timbits for the road. No one can compare to Tim Hortons donuts. For real. I decided to go with the 20 pack so there would be a few left for Brian when we got home. I had picked out four French toast timbits. Oh my heavenly. I ate all four and didn't share a single one. My mouth still waters thinking of it now.

Gideon wanted some too so I handed the box back. Note to self: next time splurge for the 50 piece. Your three year old ate all the 16 remaining timbits all by himself!! At the border, I got pulled out for an agricultural check. As if it wasn't enough that on the way in the guard was sure I had a gun in my car. Which I did not. Now they think I'm bringing back food that can't cross the border. (Which I only do at Christmas time when mandarin oranges are in season. They are worth getting caught for.) Anyways, not only did the border guard totally hit on me, he tried to tell me I couldn't bring the donuts across. I said, "I think you are trying to take them away so you can eat them." Thank goodness he had a sense of humor from my comment and finally let me go.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. Gideon watched too many movies, I ate some of that Canadian chocolate, stopped in Idaho Falls to have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Morris, and arrived home safe and sound about 10:30 pm.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Canada: Day 11

By this time, Ehlert's, Greg, Hansen's and the Sandberg's had all left. It was getting lonely around here. Jacob was kind enough to let Gideon play his gameboy.

Today is Grandpa's actual birthday so we celebrated with a cookie cake and presents.

Gideon and I were taking off in the morning. So we got some last minute snuggles and pictures. It was bedtime and Gideon was being silly! I don't think Grandpa minded one bit.

Gideon with Grandma and Grandpa Sandberg. I hope I get to take lots more pictures just like this!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Canada: Day 10

The day started out with playing video games...again!

Then Gideon and I headed over to the Birds of Prey center. There all are sorts of birds there. But the owls are my favorite! Did you know that owls can't be rehabilitated? Once they have been fed and become friendly with humans, they will always go back to humans to be taken care of. This picture is a barn owl.
And this is a Burrowing Owl. So tiny. And cute. I want one!

We got to hold the little burrowing owl. It was the perfect owl for Gideon to start out with.

Although, I'm pretty sure he wasn't scared for one second.

Next, we held a barn owl. I was so surprised at how light they are. I could feel the owl but not the weight of it. There were a lot of people waiting to hold owls so we decided to move on.

We went to feed the ducks and geese. One was a little too friendly and if you kept the food in your hand for more than 2 seconds, it would run up and try to eat your hand!! Gideon was not a fan of that! But it sure was funny!!

After we looked at all the other amazing birds, we were about to leave when Grandpa came!! We headed back to the owl barn. No one was there this time and we got to hold any owls that we wanted.

The guy let us take all the time we wanted and told us all sorts of things about the owls. All the owls had names except one. Gideon wanted to know why. The guy told us that they don't name owls until they are one year old and they can tell if the owl is a boy or girl.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Canada: Day 9

Today the weather was perfect, so we headed to the Tot Lot. It's this cute park a couple blocks away. When I was a kid it had a similar pool and old metal playgrounds in the background. Now it's all sorts of fancy.
Brand new pool, bathrooms, no more metal playgrounds, and a little splash pad. The pool is not (and never has been) deep. You can crawl along the bottom of the pool with your arms. Love it!

And they have this really fun water structure where you can pour and transfer water. Big hit with the littlest kids.

Back at home we played matching games.

And video games.