Sunday, September 27, 2015


We went to watch the red moon eclipse tonight! The view from our house wasn't great, so we headed to a local park. Gideon had no clue what was going on. Hilarious!! He just kept running around the big field, happy to not be in bed. We started watching as the moon went red, then disappeared, then we went home. It was fascinating to watch! And we just have a regular man camera, which Brian did try to take pictures on. But none of them worked out. So I took some that were freely making their way around the internet.

Over the Salt Lake City Temple. This is a Deseret News photo.

The Red Moon in full view. Beautiful! This is a Deseret News Photo.

This photo composite is by Mike Mezeul II. Amazing!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Passed Clownfish

Gideon passed the second level of swim lessons, Clown Fish!!! Go Gideon!

This little fish, on the very first day of swim lessons, I was told by his teacher and the lady over all the swim lessons, that he was a total natural. They made sure I had info on the teams Gideon can join once he has passed all eight levels and is five years old. That's why we have been sticking with consistent swim lessons. I want Gideon to find things he is good at and keep him busy with those things.

My whole point is that it took Gideon three times to pass the first level. Which is totally fine, he can take as long as he needs in each level. However, I could see that the reason he wasn't passing was because he would tell the teacher no and they wouldn't make him do anything. I talked to his first two teachers about it but they kept letting him do nothing. Then we got Bethany! Best swim teacher ever! I warned her about Gideon and we talked about solutions. When he didn't do what he needed to, he got put in time out. During the first class he went into time out twice and never again. He would finally listen and do what he was told. By the second class, Bethany told me he passed Seahorse and was going to start working on Clown Fish skills with him. And then he ended up passing the entire class!! I feel bad she has to deal with this stubborn cutie but it's totally working. We will have her as a teacher in the next level, Turtle, as well!


We went to a carnival at the Oveson's tonight!! Susan LOVES Halloween and goes ALL out. She decorates her yard early so she can spend all of October doing Halloween and fun fall stuff with her kids. This year, she had a fun carnival!

There were about 10 games to play and the kids earned prizes at every one!

When we first came, we were given a sack of tickets. In order to play each game, you had to give them a ticket.

And sometimes the kids got to try a second time even without the ticket because the game was so fun.

There were decorations everywhere and even places to take pictures!! And I can't forget the Kissing Booth. That's where you guess how many kisses are in the jars. Susan is amazing!

Family photo...I always wondered what I'd look like skinny...

I was just saying the other day how we haven't done a family photo in forever. We took up the opportunity tonight. So cute!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Cement

We had quite the project undertaking this year. In our efforts to make our yard not be so disgusting, we put in some more cement. Now, if you have been to our house you might think we are crazy because we already have a TON of driveway. But there was nothing else we could do with these parts of yard. First, the existing weeds right here and between the house and garage had to be dug out.

Then both areas were covered in gravel.

And this funky machine leveled everything out.

Not the best picture, but next came the brand new cement. I really should have included a picture of this spot before. All it was was weeds, weeds, and more weeds, It's such a weird space that gets some sun but not a lot. I felt like it was really good at growing spiders. I don't think it ever would have grown grass well. But now it's going to be our patio!! We have some picnic tables and a swing we inherited that we are going to fix up and put here. Along with our barbeque, it will be perfect!!

And here is the side part all done. This was another place that only grew weeds and LOVED growing those horrible burrs that stick to everything. No matter the TLC it was given, I don't think it would have ever done much. Now we can put our garbage cans here!

Of course Gideon's handprints needed to go in the wet cement! He wasn't sure about putting them in there at all. He thought I was CRAZY!

 Even though they are hard to see (he wouldn't push his hands in more at all) they are still perfect! Here's to some major outdoor eating next year!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rocks and Primary Program

We went for a walk today and Gideon found these rocks. He is also obsessed with making up names for things. During a lot of our conversations, I have to tell him I don't understand what he is talking about because he's using words I don't know! After our walk, he was chattering away about his rocks so I took this little video.

And today was Gideon's first Primary Program. He did amazing!! I sent him with some quiet toys and a promise he would stand up for the songs, and he was perfect. He memorized his line so I took a video. This time, he messes up but how he thinks about it with his finger on his cheek, I had to keep it!

And this one is perfect. Most of it was set by the Primary but he got to choose the last part. Not surprised at all what he picked. He loves his Spooky! He is so proud that he memorized his line that he says it every night before saying his prayers!!

Friday, September 18, 2015


Spooky sleeps in the silliest positions. Everyday Gideon and I laugh at the funny positions she is in.

Brian found Phanta sleeping in Gideon's room the other night. Which is funny because she still barely tolerates Spooky and never sleeps with Gideon. So it seems like she is trying to take away Spooky's spot for the night. Also note how Gideon is sleeping! Just like Brian.

I brought this box up the other day because I used the last of the mushrooms. It meant to throw it away but I can't. Mokie loves to sleep in here all day long. When it gets knocked off the counter, she sits on the cupboard and meows until we fix it. Hilarious!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Video Games

Ever since my family reunion in August, Gideon has been extremely interested in mastering the Wii. He would play all day long if we let him. We play a game or two together. Gideon loves to make Mii's. He's probably made us 50 new ones. He loves when Daddy gets home and they play together.

Usually though, they play a game for a minute or two and then Gideon wants to switch controllers because Daddy is in front of him!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cotton candy boy!

Today was the Stake Neighborhood Social. We invite the entire neighborhood, within the Stake, to come to a barbeque. There is tons of food, bouncy houses, slides, games, popcorn, icees, and... cotton candy.

All these pictures were so cute, I had to share them all. Isn't this perfect childhood...when you get cotton candy almost as big as you??

And this kid downed all that fluffiness in no time. We should have done this the other way around. Had cotton candy first and then played. Instead of going home with the sugar high.

Time for the bathtub! He is covered and oh so happy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First day of PRESCHOOL!

Today was Gideon's first day of preschool!! He has been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day. He wrote his name, at the top of the board, ALL BY HIMSELF!! Love it!

I read what was on the board and we will fill in the answer. When we came to his age, he was sad we had to write 3. (Lately he's been trying to convince me that we count 1,2,3,5 because he's wants to be five on his birthday.) When I got to the "when I grow up I want to be" part, I read it and planned on explaining what it meant. But Gideon instantly answered "four" and I decided it wasn't worth explaining because the answer was so perfect!! I can't believe my baby is almost four!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


You are going to think we are CRAZY because we got another cat!! Yes, you read that right. This is Spooky...our new cat. We love her already!

She is 10 months old and quite tiny. She has the loudest purr, loves to rub noses, and is extremely playful.

The best part is...she LOVES Gideon!! That's why we got another cat. So Gideon could have an animal to love and to entertain him. Now it's not just my job!! Spooky follows Gideon around, loves to be chased by him, sleeps with him at night, and bugs him to play with her.

She is seriously adorable!! And we lucked out with the perfect cat for Gideon. Welcome to our crazy house, Spooky!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Brian's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Brian!! He got a fancy utility belt for his gun and some clecos to hold together metal while he welds it.

We broke our Paleo eating and went to Olive Garden for dinner. Brian celebrated with cheesecake. We spent lots of time together as a family over the weekend. You know, getting older isn't all it's cracked up to be!! Happy birthday, Brian!! We love you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Big day for the little man!

Today was a busy day! Gideon passed, Seahorse, the first level of swim lessons!! Now he is on to Clown Fish.

Then we headed over to the open house at his preschool. We got to take a tour of the whole building, got lots of stickers along the way, find his locker, play outside, eat cookies, and get a balloon. He is very excited for school to start.

Gideon really, really wanted a picture of his new locker. He even declared it the best locker ever!