Saturday, October 31, 2015


I have to be honest, I'm beyond relieved that Halloween is finally here. I'm so done with Halloween events. And I'm really done with candy, candy wrappers, candy hangovers, and the immense amount of grouchiness that sugar gives Gideon. All the fits, fights, long nights, and all out tantrums. I thought twos and threes were suppose to be the hardest? Man, four is kicking this momma.

So guess what I did? I told Brian I was done. Like done as done can be. I stayed home. He took Gideon trick or treating. I felt guilty for about 5 minutes, and then I soaked in the gloriousness of being all by myself, without a tantruming 4 year old, eating the best candy out of the bin as I waited for trick or treaters. Good thing we always trick or treat with our friends so they weren't all alone.

Look at cute little Dawson behind all the kids! Just chillin' on the steps.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Craziness!

So funny! This is a real time photo. Gideon found a twix wrapper, without anything in it, and couldn't believe such a thing was possible.

He kept looking at the wrapper and then finally asked where the candy went. I guess I'm really good at A. always sharing with him B. eating things I don't want to share when he's not around.

We got these awesome teeth during one of our many Halloween activities. We sent this picture to Daddy to scare him!

We went for a candy parade at Smith's. High quality candy! Gideon wanted to enter this costume contest. I totally forgot to instagram his enter in. Whoops!

Now Daddy joined in on the fun! Happy Halloween eve everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Preschool Halloween

Today was Gideon's preschool Halloween party! He was beyond excited!!! He decided to be a ninja. I miss the days I got to decide and make his costume...

Waving hello!

Costume parade. Seriously adorable.

Still waving. In fact, I don't think he ever stopped. That little hand was always moving, moving, moving.

Gideon's class this year. A lot smaller than last year. Gideon most favoritist friend is Zoey. She is Batwoman. He told me they always hold hands and play together every day. And she likes superheros. Perfect match. Too bad she moved shortly after Halloween. Gideon totally cried and didn't want to go back to preschool ever again. Poor kiddo.

And the cutest Halloween songs ever! Love preschool.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Cookies!

Mary and McKade came over today to decorate Halloween cookies! Such a delicious tradition. The boys loved it.
Gideon had to make sure to use each and every kind of sprinkle that we have.

And who blames him!

Here are some of Gideon's cookies. Huge piles of colored sugar on each cookie. Yum!

And McKade's masterpieces. Good thing Gideon loved the sprinkles because McKade was perfectly happy with lots of mnm's.

Gideon took this picture! I had to include it...this kid has quite the eye!

And what would cookie decorating be without licking the table to make sure all sprinkles had a home?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Shenanigans

After church today Brian, for some unknown reason, turned football on the t.v. For those of you who don't know, this is an extremely rare occasion. Seriously, Brian does dishes more often than watching football and let me tell you, that's the rarest of all rare events. I guess he made up for it by instantly falling asleep.

Gideon's church outfit was extra adorable today so I wanted to grab a picture. This would typically be the one and only picture I'd post but today I thought I'd share what photo sessions typically look like around here. Only because it makes me laugh. And then laugh some more. Keep reading as well, there is more to this story...

Shortly after this picture was taken Gideon decided to wash a straw in the upstairs bathroom sink. In order to properly wash said straw, Gideon plugged the sink to hold the water in. I'm guessing something happened right after that. Perhaps Spooky ran upstairs and Gideon ran off after her. Who knows for sure! Meanwhile, Brian was sleeping and I was doing 12 days worth of dishes. At least that's what it seemed like. Especially when the water started to go in I used all the hot water doing dishes. As I finished the last few dishes, Brian woke up and started playing with Gideon. I turned the water off and heard a strange sound. A not so good sound. As I searched for it's source, I saw water dripping from the downstairs light fixture. I raced upstairs to find the water spilling over the sink and onto the inch thick water covering the floor. Brian ran downstairs to find the carpet, laundry room, under the stairs, and storage room all wet. We have had two TERRIBLE floods in our house in the last year. Not another one.

I called Stacey (aka Stan) who showed up with a wet/dry vac and got to work upstairs. She even used a crow bar to pull off floor boards to dry the water up! I called Johnny to borrow a wet/dry vacuum from but before I could go pick it up, Gideon peed his pants. After cleaning that up, I headed outside just in time to see Johnny pulling in the driveway to offer his equipment and help. We are BLESSED!! Not many people would lovingly give up their lazy Sunday afternoon to vacuum up water.

Turns out things were not as bad as they seemed. The water didn't pool anywhere, it simply fell right through the light fixture and onto the basement floor. No wet dry wall, no wet beams, just a soaking wet light fixture that will dry out and work perfectly again. We sucked all the water out of the carpet we could and set up fans to dry the rest. Thank goodness!! Don't worry, we said numerous prayers of thanks today for no damage and the best family and friends!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Boo at the Zoo

I've had a zoo pass for a few years in a row but never experienced Boo at the Zoo. So, we headed on up there this year. Stacey, her kiddos, her friend, Brittany and her kiddos rounded out the party. Usually, we get there right at opening and find a lovely spot close to the entrance. I arrived before the zoo opened and had to park across the street! I've never seen so many people at the zoo.

Gideon saw these "star wars guys" can ran right over for a picture. I love how they are all posed but he is just staring in disbelief!!

This baby was so active today and almost interacting with the kids. Adorable! We all loved him.

Gideon loves running with the seals that swim by. It's even cuter when he's dressed as a ninja.

Lots of companies set up tables with info and candy all over the zoo. The kids could trick or treat at each place. Depending on the candy quality, we may or may not have sent the kiddos more than once to a table. Haha!! Don't judge...some were giving out FREE kids meals. Anyways, Gideon loved this super hero guy...Captain Molar. Which totally reminds me, the other day at preschool Gideon learned about brushing his teeth and brought home a box with toothpaste, toothbrush, and some weird tablets. We are driving back to K.J.'s house and I smell something strange. Can you guess what it was?? Yep, Gideon was brushing his teeth in the back seat. Brushing his teeth!! The toothpaste was EVERYWHERE! His clothes, car seat, body, car door, pants...I even found it in my hair. And it wasn't the nice, easy wipe up toothpaste like we already have at home. Nope, it was the horrible glue kind. It took me forever to clean up everything. I scrubbed and scrubbed his school bag and it never came out. No lie. Thanks, preschool!

Olivia, Mallory, Kale, Gideon, and Sloan waiting for the Carousel.

For some reason, Gideon was TERRIFIED of riding on a moving animal today on the carousel. Thankfully, due to the million people at the zoo, we were right next to a place we could sit. Kale asked me why we were sitting there and I told him Gideon was scared. He got right off his animal so he could snuggle with Gideon during the entire ride. He even let Gideon cuddle his pokemon. Best cousin ever!!

Gideon and I went on the train ride. Always need a selfie on the train ride, right?

After the zoo, we went home and got ready for family pictures. (Obviously I'll post those when I get them...patience.) We went up to Millcreek Canyon and Gideon loved exploring around the trails. Taking pictures...not so much. He wanted to make funny faces and not look at the camera. Just like the one here. However, I've seen the pictures and there are some really great ones!

Family Photos

Today we headed up to the mountains for some good old family pictures. I really wanted a nice, colorful fall background. Too bad the trees lost all their leaves in one day. And can we discuss the trama one goes through picking out outfits for family photos?? But I really love what we ended up with. Enjoy!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Ward Halloween Party

Not the best of pictures but this was a night to remember. It was the annual Elder's Quorum party in the ward. They started out with pumpkin carving, but we got there late and didn't get our pumpkins carved. Whoops! Then we ate delicious chili and salads and voted for the best chili. The contest was totally rigged because the Bishop won! To end the night we had a trunk or treat!

Gideon had been waiting "all night" to trick or treat. When we told him it was time he threw his head back, stretched his arms straight out, and yelled, "I LOVE CANDY!!" Utter hilariousness. He had a blast and filled that pumpkin right up. I love watching life through the experiences of a child!

Cousin Time and Peterson's Farm

Cousin Stephanie came into town from Oregon. For her birthday, her hubbie flew her to Utah to visit her oldest daughter who is attending BYU. Good excuse for a cousin breakfast!! In case you are wondering, the little guy I'm holding is K.J. He hangs out with Gideon and I every Wednesday to Friday. Gideon was there but wouldn't get in the picture. We all enjoyed the endless French toast at Kneaders and the best conversations that only cousins can have!

After we headed on over to Peterson's Farm for pumpkins. We planned to carve them today but it's kinda hard to do that without any pumpkins. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do this. K.J. was sleeping and I had to push a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins with a sleeping baby in a stroller. And as much as Gideon loves to help, he couldn't drive either of those bad boys. So I'd push the stroller forward, then catch up with the wheelbarrow and eventually I made it to the scale. Then I loaded the boys up, loaded up the pumpkins and proudly got in the car. I've never been a momma of two, so this was all new for me!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Provo River Cruise

I heard about the Provo River Cruise a few years ago and so tonight we decided to try it out! I love these family pictures!! Didn't they turn out so adorable?? The Hansen's also joined us tonight. We went out to dinner first, enjoyed the boat ride, and then Brian, Gideon and I headed over to hang out with cousins Heather and Jason. Wonderful evening!!

I attempted to take pictures during the boat ride but none of them worked out. So I'll tell you about it. Once on the boat, the "captain" pulls the boat along by using an overhead rope. The river banks are filled with lit jack-o-lanterns of every design you could imagine. The captain tells us the story of Sleepy Hollow while we cruise along. At one point, a ghost jumps out of the water and a pirate attempts to board the boat. He ends up giving us candy instead. Us adults weren't too terribly in love with the event, but the kids LOVED it! And that's what counts.