Sunday, November 22, 2015

A birthday card!

Gideon got to open his birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Morris today!!

Inside was MONEY!! He was so excited that he got to pick out his very own present. He got a race track and some cars to race on it. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Morris!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gideon's FOURTH birthday party!!

I can't believe my baby is turning FOUR!! This video is a tradition that started from a cute moment on his first birthday. Somehow I don't have one for last year though...

Here's the big kid being sung Happy Birthday to!

And blowing out candles...

He picked out his own cake. He LOVES Costco cake. Like LOVES Costco cake. There is no other cake in the world this kid wants other than Costco cake. And he cried every single time we go to Costco that we aren't buying a cake that day.

I love that he started in the middle of the candles...

Got one end...

And kept blowing all the way to the other side!

We had so many great friends and family come to celebrate.

It's because we lured them there with cake and ice cream.

We also built a box tunnel like two years ago. Only because past party attenders have been requesting it every since.

Time for gifts!

He got spoiled. Like all birthday boys should. Thank you, everyone!!

We ended the festivities with a pinata. Gideon has been DYING to have one since his friend Rex had a pinata at his party.

Some of the kids waiting their turns. It was a great birthday party. Now if only that didn't mean Gideon was really turning four, I'd feel so much better about it.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Craft store fun!

Gideon and I headed over to the wood store today to find me some treasures. Gideon found this bale of hay that he decided was there for him to roll around on top of. He got hay all over him and he loved every second of it! Hm...maybe I'll have to buy one next fall to help entertain this kid. Meanwhile, I got some great crafting treasures!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Little Pilgram

Went to get Gideon from preschool today. This is who I picked up instead! A little batman pilgram who had just enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast. I loved all the pictures, so I'm posting all of them. Enjoy!

Then we went shopping for birthday party supplies. Gideon found these glasses. I laughed and laughed and laughed until all my muscles hurt.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sleepy boy

Gideon hasn't adjusted yet to waking up early to come to KJ's with me. He falls asleep every day on the way home. He stays asleep while I try to wake him numerous times, and while I transport him to the couch. He then refuses to go to bed at a normal time. Dang vicious cycle! I just wish I could get him to take a nap during the day and not so late at night. I can only imagine what I'd do with two children napping at the same time?? Probably find my sanity again.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A little hospital fun!

We had to see Gideon's doctor today. By the time we were done, we were both starving. It was lunch time and I hate lunch time. Seriously! I just finished making breakfast, doing the dishes, and getting a head start on dinner. Now I have to make lunch? And do more dishes? Lunch is completely over rated. So I happily headed us in the direction of the hospital cafeteria. Yep, that's how much I hate lunch. Gideon found this fun alcove to hide in.

He also enjoyed the view from this pillar. And made several attempts to climb it, to no avail. We enjoyed a lovely view in the cafeteria of all the ambulances coming and going. It was thrilling. And then we went home. End of story.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A boy and his and bubbles

Gideon took this selfie! This Phanta love is a new thing around here. She's become quite sweet to him. Guess she saw that Spookie did it and didn't die. And she's always up for a lap to snuggle in.

I've been trying to find sensitive skin kids bubble bath everywhere that had bubbles worth anything! Finally found some! And this kid is loving it!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Goggles in the bathtub

Gideon has officially decided that swimming lessons are NOT for him. He doesn't like one more activity where someone tells him what to do. Not one bit! Instead, he goggles up and enjoys his free swim time in the bathtub. And I've learned to fold every load of laundry I have while he bathes. It's a win win if you ask me!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A little dog fun

Gideon found the "cone of shame" at KJ's house today. He really enjoyed having it as part of his outfit. He did, however, refuse to wear it the way it was intended...around his neck. But it brought hours of playful enjoyment, so who am I to complain??

Here he told me he was wearing it like a dog would. Bahaha!!

Both these boys were extra snuggly today. I LOVED it! As I was sitting here, covered in little bodies and spit and snot, I realized how much I dreamed and longed and wished for a second child, and even though KJ isn't mine, it's nice to have these moments. For so long I never thought I would, and so I just sat here, for a long time, enjoying every moment of two babies in my arms.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Gideon loves his transformers! He has started to line them up all the time and put the same ones together. I love watching how his brain works. My only problem with transformers is that I want to buy ALL of them. No lie. No other toy that Gideon has, do I have this problem with. I really have to hold myself back from buying every single one, every time a new set comes out. We lost the only Blades we had when we went to Canada, and we only have one Boulder. Don't worry. Santa has a plan for that. But this mom is having a hard time not just buying, buying, buying them!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Little Shopper

When we went trick or treating at Smith's grocery store the other day, Gideon was DYING to use one of these carts. I needed a couple items today so we headed on over. He LOVED it!

Especially that he got to have every item we bought in his cart. Too bad these little carts are so easy to drive though. Gideon hasn't figured out that you have to watch where you drive. There were lots of hits and near misses. And laughs.

Back at home, this boy got his snuggle on with his kitty. Spookie is so sweet to Gideon. She loves to be held by him. She comes looking for him and purrs when he pets her. Which he loves.

Fall Crafties

I am continuing on in my craft making. They really piled up over the years. All those great ideas, money spent, just piling up in my house. It's been a lot of fun to finally get to them. Only problem is, sometimes I need a supply and end up at the wood store. Somehow I always come home with more than just the needed supply! Here is a leaf banner I made this year.

It turned out even cuter than I imagined! I'm going to have a hard time taking this one down!

I saw this idea for sale on etsy. I loved it but didn't want to spend $45.00 for it. So I created my own pattern and whipped it up. I can't believe how perfect it turned out!

One of my goals is to have something on my door for every month of the year. Okay, so no one ever comes over to my house, but it will make me feel welcomed and happy every time I come home. Here is the wreath I made for September.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Carving Pumpkins!

Yes, today is November 1st, as in the day after Halloween, and we are FINALLY carving pumpkins. We didn't carve any last year because we didn't ever have time. Well, today, today we had time. So carve the pumpkins we did.

Gideon loved all the gunk inside, as long as it didn't touch him. Bahaha! He was so happy we were finally carving that he worked and worked and worked on his pumpkin.

Brian really gets into carving. He draws fancy designs, pulls out fancy tools, and gets to work on his several hour long plan. I am the exact opposite. Copy a design from online, cut it out asap, and call it good. Gideon loves that this isn't a quick project though.

Gideon's is on the left, a power ranger. Brian's is on the right, some sort of tribal mask. I bought a white pumpkin to turn into an owl with sharpie markers. I even bought new sharpie markers. The pumpkin however, was rotten and soft. Next year, I guess!

Ivar's Blessing

Today cute baby Ivar was blessed. I love that we have family so close by that we can be part of so many fun events.

Cousin Heather took our photo. I have to say, in my never ending battle with infertility/can't lose weight, I'm proud of myself. When I first bought this shirt you could see all my "spare tires." Not anymore!! Go me. This battle is being won, oh so slowly, but being won nevertheless.