Thursday, November 5, 2015

A little dog fun

Gideon found the "cone of shame" at KJ's house today. He really enjoyed having it as part of his outfit. He did, however, refuse to wear it the way it was intended...around his neck. But it brought hours of playful enjoyment, so who am I to complain??

Here he told me he was wearing it like a dog would. Bahaha!!

Both these boys were extra snuggly today. I LOVED it! As I was sitting here, covered in little bodies and spit and snot, I realized how much I dreamed and longed and wished for a second child, and even though KJ isn't mine, it's nice to have these moments. For so long I never thought I would, and so I just sat here, for a long time, enjoying every moment of two babies in my arms.

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