Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gideon's FOURTH birthday party!!

I can't believe my baby is turning FOUR!! This video is a tradition that started from a cute moment on his first birthday. Somehow I don't have one for last year though...

Here's the big kid being sung Happy Birthday to!

And blowing out candles...

He picked out his own cake. He LOVES Costco cake. Like LOVES Costco cake. There is no other cake in the world this kid wants other than Costco cake. And he cried every single time we go to Costco that we aren't buying a cake that day.

I love that he started in the middle of the candles...

Got one end...

And kept blowing all the way to the other side!

We had so many great friends and family come to celebrate.

It's because we lured them there with cake and ice cream.

We also built a box tunnel like two years ago. Only because past party attenders have been requesting it every since.

Time for gifts!

He got spoiled. Like all birthday boys should. Thank you, everyone!!

We ended the festivities with a pinata. Gideon has been DYING to have one since his friend Rex had a pinata at his party.

Some of the kids waiting their turns. It was a great birthday party. Now if only that didn't mean Gideon was really turning four, I'd feel so much better about it.

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